Station nightclub fire memorial 11 years later

Eleven years after the Station fire loved ones gather at Warwick City Hall.

Sarah Mancini lost her son Keith, who was in the opening band that night at the Station nightclub. She talked to NBC 10 on Sunday "being active with the memorial keeps it going, makes me feel like he's not going to be forgotten"

While many remember in their own way on the actual date of Feb. 20, this public memorial service is a way to do it together and soon there will be a special place to do just that.

The annual remembrance took place at Warwick City Hall on Sunday instead of in West Warwick at the site of the fire because the land is fenced off in preparation for the permanent memorial that will be built.

Lisa Delsesto, of the Station Fire Memorial Foundation, talked about the timeline for that memorial telling NBC 10 "as soon as the weather breaks, phase one will begin, Mother Nature needs to help us out, but as soon as the weather gets warmer, construction will be starting"

There is still a lot of fundraising to do, and the Station Fire Memorial Foundation continues to welcome all the support it can get.

Cara Kaczmarczy, of the Station Fire Memorial Foundation, talked about the group's determination to get the memorial built,"our vision will come to life, that's what everyone wants, and what the 100 people deserve"

And as those 100 angels are remembered here, one by one; the hope is that by next year at this time, this ceremony can be held at the permanent memorial that will be already be built to honor the one hundred angels who lost their lives here.