Money Watchers: Stone House Inn for sale

Stone House Inn

It feels almost abandoned when you walk the grounds of the Stone House Inn on Sakonnet Point Road in Little Compton.

The inn was a popular destination for weddings, but not anymore. It's now for sale.

"There were 13 weddings, three rehearsal dinners and a lot of rooms," said Russ Morin, a caterer who had been working at the property.

Morin said there was about $40,000 in deposits for weddings.

He said he became directly involved with the wedding parties when he realized their venue was in trouble.

"We were able to relocate all the brides. We were able to get all their deposits back for them. So we took care of the brides. It's not like one of these situations where they were out of luck," he said.

He said the attorney general's office also helped.

"(The families of those planning weddings) are all calm and happy now, but it was a difficult two weeks," Morin said.

NBC 10 asked why the catering company got stuck with handling all the brides.

"There was nobody else. The manager was absent. There was nobody else to do it," Morin said.

The property is on the market for nearly $7 million. There's also about $25,000 in back property taxes owed too.

So what went wrong? Morin said the owners put too much money into it.

"We had an amazing venue we were going to run in the Tap Room. We put an effort into upgrading the property out of our own pockets because we saw a strong future for the location," he said.

Morin said seeing the venue locked up and deserted is unsettling.