Storm makes for blustery morning in New Bedford

A light coating of snow covers a New Bedford street, Wednesday, March 26, 2014.

The streets of New Bedford were swirling with snow Wednesday thanks to a spring storm.

"I'm tired of snow," Kendra Pemberton of New Bedford said. "I don't want (any) more snow. I want spring to come."

It was a sentiment felt by others.

Paul Pacheco was trying to clear the snow from the sidewalk. He was one of the few braving the cold.

"Just cleaning up so everybody can get in and out of the building easily," he said.

He was hoping to entice more people to warm up inside the Whaling City Diner. The wind and snow put a damper on their morning rush.

"It's not good for business," the owner told NBC 10 News. "People don't want to come out in it. I don't blame them."

It might be cold outside, but inside it's warm. The grill was hot with sausage and other savory items just waiting to be served.

Despite the snow, a group of women had a few cups of Joe before heading back into the cold.

The worst part about the spring storm?

"The snow, we're used to it by now," said the owner. "We've had so much of it. But it's the wind that just will knock you."

Some parts of Massachusetts saw winds above 30 mph.

A wild, windy winter-like storm that many hope will be the last of its kind this spring.

"I hope it's not snow into April. I hope this is our last storm," Pemberton said.