Students at Narragansett party say they were unfairly targeted

About 1,000 students gathered outside a Narragansett home on Saturday.

Students arrested Saturday at an off-campus party in Narragansett are speaking out against the university.

About 1,000 students were shown in a YouTube video throwing beer bottles and mailboxes on Greene Lane.

Eighteen people were arrested and 20 face expulsion from the school. But some students say they were unfairly targeted.

In the YouTube video, students can be seen throwing beer bottles, mailboxes, and standing on rooftops. Some posted pictures of themselves on social media bleeding from the head after being hit by glass bottles.

Officials said out-of-control student parties have been a 30-year problem in this area of Narragansett.

The town, neighbors, and the university are fed up and are cracking down on the partiers, many of the students now facing expulsion.

One of the students wrote in an email to NBC 10 said they did not participate in the party but was arrested.

"The police started approaching rowdy and disorderly kids, as they should, but also began approaching many students, myself included, who were just standing with friends enjoying themselves," the email said.

But the school disagrees.

"Certainly underage drinking, public consumption of alcohol, being disrespectful to police, and throwing glass bottles into a crowd is simply not tolerable the university won't tolerate it," said Thomas Dougan, dean of student affairs at URI.

University and town leaders said this is just the beginning; students caught at rowdy events like this one in the future will also face a similar punishment.