Students stranded on lost bus in Providence

Several parents are planning to gather at the Jewish Community Center in Providence at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday to discuss what they're calling ongoing busing problems in the city.

Some parents were upset after they said their young children, ages 5 through 10, were stranded on a school bus that was lost in Providence.

Christina O'Reilly, a spokeswoman for Providence Public Schools, said the bus was transporting between 6 to 8 students Friday from the Henry Barnard School. O'Reilly said the driver got lost on the East Side after the bus's GPS failed. She said the driver called for guidance, but was struggling to get to some stops.

O'Reilly said the driver was unfamiliar with the assigned bus.

When the bus arrived at Elmgrove and Sessions streets, in front of the Jewish Community Center, the father of a student saw that there was a problem and contacted police.

Officers and center staff helped make sure the students were picked up by their parents.

O'Reilly said ensuring that students are safely transported to and from school is a priority, and that they will continue to look into the matter.