Students to host nude week at Brown

A group of students at Brown University are ditching their clothes for a week to celebrate nudity.

At a designated place on campus, students can choose to participate in cabaret, open mic night, yoga, body painting and more - in the nude.

No cameras or phones will be allowed into any of the events.

"I think the concept is great. I think nudity is something which is stigmatized, and maybe there's some justification for the stigmatization. I don't know. I think that should be explored in greater detail," one student said.

Nude week is getting some national attention, but there are plenty of students on campus who don't really think it's generating that much buzz.

"If they want to do that's their prerogative. But I probably won't be participating," another student said.

"I think if people want to be naked, as long as they're doing it in a safe and informed and consensual way and everyone is protected and having a good time, then I think it's fine," a student said.

The school's administration is aware of the activities going on, which are student run and funded.