Stupid Criminal: Vending machine bandit

It's probably happened to all of us, we buy something from a vending machine, but the item refuses to drop.

Today's Stupid Criminal decided to make sure he got his money's worth. Robert McKevitt of Spirit Lake Iowa spent a buck at the company's vending machine.

But the candy bar just dangled on the spiral hook. He put in another dollar but still nothing.

He banged the side of the machine, still nothing. So McKevitt went and commandeered an 8,000 pound forklift.{} Police said he lifted the machine 2 feet off the floor with the forklift, then let it drop.{} He did that a total of 6 times.

McKevitt wound up with three candy bars.

A supervisor confronted McKevitt and he was fired five days later.

McKevitt was told at his unemployment benefits hearing that the company has since installed all new vending machines.