'Surveillance Camera Man' shows up in RI

Some locals are voicing concern about a man who has approached them with a camera rolling, making them feel uncomfortable.

The person who hides his face behind the camera is known online as "Surveillance Camera Man." His viral video compilations show him approaching people in the Seattle area without them knowing and recording them.

A new video shows him doing it in Rhode Island.

"Someone walking along the street has the right to be free from unreasonable activity that causes them to get publicity," said Stephen Linder, an attorney.

Linder said a Rhode Island statute protects residents.

"You've got a right to believe that your life at that point is private, they can't do that. They can't do something that's going to have you be posted online and have millions of people see it," Linder said.

In Rhode Island, everybody has a reasonable right to their own privacy. If someone takes out a phone or another camera and starts taking pictures or video of you, you have a legal right to say no.

"You could end up being somewhere or with someone or whatever and somebody does this and it goes public and it could create unnecessary conflict in someone's life," said Steve Audette of Manhattan.

NBC 10 spoke to people who said they didn't know they have a right to refuse anyone who is taking video or pictures of them, even if the photographer isn't seeking to make money off of the content.

"The victim is going to be entitled to reasonable compensation. The jury will decide what the value of your privacy is worth monetarily," Linder said.

But, Linder warned, don't get physical with anyone even if they are invading your privacy because he or she has legal recourse against you.