Suspect arrested for posting obscene Facebook pics

Inappropriate photos of high school students in the Fall River area were posted to Facebook for all to see.

Now Fall River Police have made an arrest in the case, less than 24 hours after receiving complaints about the page.

Police say they arrested a 17-year-old male, from the city.{} He is beingcharged with Dissemination of Obscene Material Harmful to Minors, and PossessingChild Pornography.

The Fall River Hooters and River Hooters pages have since been shut down.

Some of the victims went to B.M.C. Durfee High School. But parents and community members who saw the postings said there are many more victims in other parts of the city and surrounding areas.

Many of the images showed teenage girls.

"I think they should be charged with dissemination of child pornography. I don't care if they're 14 or 40," said C.J. Ferry of Fall River.

Ferry and several concerned parents contacted Fall River police, who launched an investigation.

The person or persons running the pages would ask members to send explicit pictures and videos of people they knew, similar to a revenge porn site. Many of the pictures were part of a sexting exchange between young couples.

Ferry said he's not sure whether this was a revenge porn site, but now he wants Massachusetts lawmakers to make the practice illegal.

"These are our children, and we need to protect them, and we need to get this message across," Ferry said.