Suspect caught on camera after third robbery

Fall River Police say they caught an accused robber shortly after his third robbery in as many days.

The three hold-ups were all on Eastern Avenue.

Investigators claim 38-year-old Marc Berube robbed the owner of Almeida's Floral Design at knifepoint Saturday, then robbed a clerk at S&K Variety at knifepoint Sunday, and finally used a syringe to threaten a clerk at SM Mini Mart Monday afternoon.

That clerk, Nojir Khan told NBC10, "He showed me the needle and he said 'open the register right now or else I'm going to shoot you.' And I open and he stole money, like maybe more than 100 dollars and he just run."

Investigators say it didn't take them long to track down Berube because they were already on the lookout for him because of the previous robberies.

Police say they found Berube at a nearby apartment building, hiding in a closet.

They say Berube fought with officers during the arrest and was treated at the hospital for minor injuries.