Suspect in Brown student attack headed to RI

A man accused of assaulting a Brown University basketball player has waived extradition from Connecticut and will appear in a Rhode Island courtroom Friday.

Tory Lussier waived extradition in Rockville Superior Court on Thursday. Lussier was taken into custody Wednesday at his home in Vernon on a felony arrest warrant.

A spokesman for Rhode Island Hospital said Wednesday that 21-year-old Joseph Sharkey of Norwood, Mass., was in critical condition. The hospital did not return a call seeking updated information.

Police say a man hit Sharkey in the head on Sunday morning following an altercation.

Lussier's attorney Salvatore Bonanno said his client saw a friend of his on the ground being severely beaten, and he defended him.

"In some respects, Mr. Lussier did what any reasonable person would do," Bonanno said. Lussier is a Marine Reservist and was visiting friends from the Marines at the time of the incident.

State attorney Charles Johnson said Lussier sucker punched Sharkey and the left the area.

"The police reports we have indicate that any fray was over, the victim was walking away when for no apparent reason he was struck by this defendant when he was not expecting it at all," he said.

This is not Lussier's first brush with the law.

Police in Vernon said he was charged in a road-rage assault last year in which a 68 year old man was knocked out. Police said the case is still pending.

"He hasn't been convicted of anything," Bonanno said.

NBC 10 contributed to this report.