Suspect in double shooting thrown out of court

A man accused of shooting two people in Cranston had to be removed from the courtroom during his District Court arraignment Friday.

Despite warnings from Judge Pamela Woodcock-Pfeiffer against self-incrimination, Thomas Alejo kept talking back.

"You need to stop talking. You need to stop talking right now," Woodcock-Pfeiffer told the defendant.

Alejo admitted to holding a handgun at point blank range and shooting his estranged wife and her boyfriend outside his daughter's martial arts studio on Park Avenue in Cranston Wednesday.

He fled the scene, leading police on a 24-hour manhunt. Officers found him Thursday night at a family member's home in Warwick.

Alejo faces seven counts, including assault and intent to murder -- a charge he tried to dispute in court.

"If I wanted them dead, they'd be dead," Alejo said.

The comment got him forcibly removed from the courtroom.

Because of his outbursts, the judge set bail at $500,000 with surety. The case was referred to Superior Court, where Alejo's next pretrial hearing was scheduled for Aug. 1.

Alejo's ex-wife, Rose Alejo, told NBC 10 News that Alejo is a good man and that "if he did what he's accused of, it's because someone pushed him over the edge."