Suspects arraigned in Narragansett police chase

Police have released the names of the suspects involved in a police chase that sent a Narragansett detective to the hospital.

The suspects are both from Massachusetts. The driver of the car is identified as 23-year-old James Mullin of Marlborough and his passenger, 20-year-old Amy Locovelli of Hopkinton.

Mullin was arraigned on more serious charges after he allegedly rammed into a police officer with his car.

Narragansett's police chief talked about one of his detectives struck by a car during the police pursuit. "It's like one of your kids being injured, last thing you want to hear is officer down, sending in rescue, pit in your stomach," said Narragansett Chief Dean Hoxsie.

The chase started when police tried to pull over a speeding car in North Kingstown. The driver crossed into Narragansett, at one point, winding through a neighborhood off Boston Neck Road.

"The car came whipping around corner maybe 60 mph flying by," said Narragansett resident John Brindamour.

It was on Wampum Road, that police said Mullin intentionally hit a marked cruiser, sideswiped the detective's car, then hit the detective, who was outside his vehicle.

"I heard very loud crash almost sounded like gunshot we did not know what was going on," said Harold Panciera of Narragansett.

It happened right outside Panciera's office, he ran out to see if he could help.

"He was coherent, said his back hurt and you could tell he was injured, obviously when car rams into you such a high rate of speed," Panciera said.

Police said Mullin then kept driving. He ended up crashing in a field behind the Bonnet Shores Community Center, where he and Lacovelli were arrested. "This operator had no regard for anyone on the road but himself."

The chief said their initial information was that the suspects could be on drugs and have a weapon.

The Rhode Island State police said they're still investigating whether Mullin was under the influence.

He could not post his $30,000 surety bail so he's being held at this time. Locovelli pleaded no contest to resisting arrest and was released.