Suspicious barrel found in East Providence cemetery

A suspicious barrel at Little Neck Cemetery in Riverside sent East Providence Fire Department and HazMat crews into the woods Saturday night.

The suspicious red plastic barrel was seen in the woods just off the main road that runs through the cemetery grounds by an eyewitness, who described the barrel as cut in half and taped together with black duct tape with a trash bag draped over half of it.

According to East Providence Police Lieutenant Ray Blinn Crews arrived on scene and found what looked like the barrel to contain debris that like chum. It was determined that the substance was non hazardous and that it was indeed some type of animal remains by the medical examiner.

Following the exam by the medical examiner it was determined that there was no evidence of animal cruelty or neglect, and the debris was then disposed of and watered away by members of the East Providence Fire Department according to Lieutenant Blinn.

There are no plans at this time for charges to be filed.