All kind of tattoos showcased at RI convention

From a spider, to a skull, to Hendrix and to who knows what?

All kinds of colors and sizes, on all kinds of body parts, etched into flesh.

You could find just about any kind of ink at the Rhode Island Tattoo Expo inside the Rhode Island Convention Center over the weekend.

Everyone has their reasons for getting one. Crystal Delude does for her new addition. "It just shows there are other people outside of Boston that care about the families and everything that happened over there," she says.

Crystal is getting a "Boston Strong" tattoo from artist Ish Schuurbiers. He's offering up the symbol of solidarity for free. "If I can give out one day of my life to do this tattoo on people that will appreciate it, I think it's something that would be good for the foundation, for Boston in general," says Schuurbiers.

For Crystal, the location on her forearm is strategic. "Everybody can see it. It just stands out."

And her new tat isn't just that. It's a reminder. "It's definitely one of those things that are going to stand out and it's going to cause me to think about things more than just giving."

The free "Boston Strong" tattoos were Friday night only. The tattoo expo runs through the weekend.