Taunton police make special delivery to young boy

While Taunton police try to find who stole a wagon from a boy with special needs, they came through with a delivery to boy Tuesday.

Officers brought him a new wagon.

"It's amazing. To find that wagon -- absolutely amazing. I'm overwhelmed with the response," the boy's mother, Marjorie Dutra, told NBC10.

Taunton police say over the weekend a man stole the wagon belonging to Barry Urquhart.

Barry, who everyone calls Blue, has special needs.

The wagon was taken from the family yard.

"My heart just sank. It's Blue's wagon," Dutra said.

Blue got the Harley Davidson wagon for his first birthday, after seeing it and falling in love.

"He's brought it with him everywhere," Dutra said. "He doesn't like a lot of possessions, but what he has he's very attached to."

After it was stolen, Sgt. Richard Carreiro put the word out to the police department, and the result was more than just an investigation.

"We really, really want to find this. Guys opened their hearts and their wallets," Carreiro told NBC10.

Officers started making donations to buy a new wagon. But the company doesn't make them anymore. They called Harley Davidson and the company was willing to make a new wagon, even though it had been discontinued.

In the end, a retired policeman from Bridgewater came forward. His grandson had the same wagon and was willing to give it to Blue.

The match was made, and the gift was given to Blue by the police.

"It makes us feel like $1 million that someone would come forward like that to give that cart to him," Carreiro said.

Officers had already raised about $200. They plan to make another gift to Blue with that money.

As for the investigation into the stolen wagon, Carreiro says they're looking for a man, about 50 years old who was wearing glasses and driving a black pick-up truck.