Taylor Swift makes surprise visit to Hasbro Children's Hospital

Taylor Swift plays guitar during a visit to Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence, Monday, March 31, 2014.

Taylor Swift makes a surprise visit to Hasbro Children's Hospital Monday.

Hasbro Children's Hospital spokeswoman Jill Reuter says Swift and her father stopped by and visited numerous children at the Providence hospital. Reuter says Swift even played a song for children in the psychiatric unit.

When Sandra Cariker of Attleboro brought her 9-year-old son Nathan to Hasbro she had no idea what the day would hold.

"The child life specialist came into the room and said I have to whisper something to you. So I was like OK," said Cariker.

The whisper wasn't of Nathans seizures coming back or the tests he'll undergo here or even about his medications. It was something far more powerful.

"I was like, no, I couldn't believe it. My son stared at her and I started crying," said Cariker.

Without press releases and cameras or an entourage, superstar Taylor Swift arrived.

He looked up and said 'Hi Taylor.' Like he knew her from way back said Nathan's mom.

Cariker said Nathan has been listening to her songs over and over before he was even able to speak his own words.

She came in, she talked to him she gave me a hug and introduced herself. Hi, I'm Taylor Swift, like we didn't know. It was pretty exciting said Cariker.

"It was something we'll never forget. My son he's been talking about it all day."

She didn't sing to Nathan but what she did for him in his room in less than 10 minutes will speak to him forever.

"He didn't speak until he was almost four. He sang the words to her songs. It was kind of fun to see her with him. I always dreamed of telling her that," said Cariker.

Swift and her dad stayed for five hours, the longest visit by a celebrity in the hospital ever they said.

She visited several patients and sang as well. It is not known whether Swift is staying at her Westerly home.