Teamsters go on strike against concrete company

Twenty-two men from the Teamsters union in Smithfield and Cranston went on strike Wednesday morning.

"We believe in a fair day's work for a fair day's pay," said Stu Mundy, a union supporter.

Mundy isn't one of them, but he used to be.

"I'm here to give a little bit back," he said.

He came down to walk the picket line.

"You're always a Teamster. It's not just a job. It's a life," Mundy said.

The men on strike are concrete workers, currently contracted to work full time for DiGregorio concrete in Smithfield.

DiGregorio wants to cut their eight-hour shifts to part time, which means some of them could be working as little as four hours a day.

"By turning full-time jobs into part-time jobs, we have a responsibility to our members to do what we can to change their minds on that," said Dave Robbins, a union contract coordinator.

Representatives at DiGregorio's Smithfield office said the company had no comment.

"We don't want to be out here. We'd rather be working, but the employer sees it a little different," said Tom McCloud, a Teamsters union member.

These Teamsters say they'll stay out as long as it takes. They did file a grievance with the labor board in Boston, but they're hoping the labor dispute can be resolved in a matter of days, rather than turning into a lengthy legal battle.