Tech This Out: Bose SoundLink Speaker

We're talking serious sound with the Bose SoundLink speaker. Bose is known for its sound and you will get clear music with this portable speaker.

You can connect your devices via Bluetooth, a micro USB port or an audio input jack. This means you can hook it up to your TV for an enhanced sound experience.

On the top there's power button, Auxiliary button and Bluetooth. You have to select which input you want to use. After selecting, a blue light will indicate which setting you have it on. You can mute the speaker and adjust the volume on the top.

In my video you'll see we sample music from NBC's The Voice and a TV trailer for NBC's The Blacklist.

Music, movies and sound effects sound sharp. Unfortunately it doesn't always translate well over my microphone in the studio.

There is a plug in for the power source but it also has a lithium-ion battery. The company says fully charged, it will give you a few hours.

Something I don't really like about the speaker is the weird flap. You have to have it open for the speaker to work. If it closes there is no sound. I don't get it. Probably put there for aesthetics?

I'm also disappointed there's no remote. You have to turn the volume up and down on your device or on the speaker. It would't be a big deal if you use it for music, but this speaker is capable of blasting sound for your TV. Who wants to get up in the middle of something and turn the volume up or down?

In any case, you'll get distinct quality sound with the SoundLink.

You can find the Bose SoundLink at AT&T for just under $300. There's an online discount for $269.