Tech This Out: CES Gadgets

By Molly O'Brien

Hundreds of companies debuted their new tech products at the Consumer Electeronic Show in Las Vegas this month. Andrew Felix from Tech Launch Pad shows off the the Bem Wireless Speaker Trio and the Switch 8 solar powered charger.

The Bem Wireless Speaker Trio is a set of three speakers that connect to one base. You can stream music or programing through Bluetooth or you can a device or your TV through hardwire.

The three speakers are wireless and portable. You can take them off the stand and they will play audio in different rooms of the house, even outside, up to 120 feet apart.

I like the idea of these for a party or if you want instant surround sound while watching a movie.

They cost about $300


The Goal Zero{} Switch 8 Recharger kit is PERFECT for outdoorsy people. Actually its a great resource for anyone who has a device that needs to be recharged.

Say you are taking a hike and using the GPS on your cell phone, well you are in the middle of the woods and there's no service, so obviously your battery is draining at an alarming rate. GASP! There are no charging stations to be found and you forgot to leave a trail of bread crumbs. Don't fret! That's where the Switch 8 comes in.

You plug the Switch 8 into the Nomad 3.5 Solar Panel and let it soak up the rays.
Five to ten hours in the sun equates to 3-4 hours worth of a charge. Its super light weight and can fit in your pocket.

The kit costs about $130.00.


Websites for both products are listed below.