Tech This Out: China Labor Watch

Apple likes being in the spotlight and that was the company's plan as they prepare to reveal some product (believed to be the iPhone 5s and iphone 5C) on Sept. 10. Yet all eyes are on Apple for all of the wrong reasons.

China Labor Watch, a nonprofit labor watch dog monitored {}labor practices at a US owned factory in China where parts of the newer, so called "cheaper" version of the iPhone are made.

CLW released reports accusing the factory, Jabil of discriminatory hiring, unpaid overtime and poor living conditions for dormitory workers.

Apple and Jabil were quick to release a statement saying they are troubled by the allegations and immediately sent an audit team to investigate. {}

To see the full report from China Labor Watch, read Apple and Jabil's response or to learn more about CLW please click on the following links.

Report from China Labor Watch

China Labor Watch Website

Apple and Jabil's response statement