Tech This Out: Cold Weather Apps

By Molly O'Brien


Upon further review{} I do NOT reccomend the Winter Wake Up app.{} I love the concept. Unfourtunatly I couldn't get the thing to work on my phone. Everytime I went to set the alarm the screen froze. At first it worked fine but I did read mixed reviews online. I suggest avoiding the app, its a waste of space until the fix a few bugs.


Here are a few apps for this cold weather "issue" we're having.

The Winter Survival Kit is a free app for androids and iPhones{} you'll want to have especially if you're planning a trip to the mountains or there's a big storm coming.

{}{}{}{} You can store emergency contact numbers and incase you get stranded....hit the big red button.

{}{}{}{} The app will provide survival tips and locate nearby gas stations,

{}{}{}{} The "gas calculator" will help you estimate how long you can run your engine with remaining fuel.

{}{}{}{} There's even an alarm reminding you to check the exhaust pipe for snow build up, helping to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.


And if you just want to get out of the cold weather all together, take a spur of the moment vacation!

{}{}{}{} Hotel Tonight is a must have app...and you can use it any time of year.

Hotel Tonight let's you book same-day hotel rooms for up to 70% off.

{}{}{}{} You can book in cities across the world.

The app is free and i haven't read a bad review.

{}{} Oooh!Oooh! AND Hotel Tonight offers promotional discounts like a $25 credit when you sign up.