Tech This Out: Filip wearable cell phone for kids

Filip is essentially a cell phone in a watch made just for kids. It’s also designed for parents’ peace of mind.

If you want to keep in touch with your kids, but don't want them to have a cell phone, the Filip might be for you. It's essentially a cell phone in a watch made just for kids. It's also designed for parents' peace of mind.

This is a very basic wearable phone which holds five pre-programmed numbers. Mom, dad, babysitter, whomever you like. It is also a watch.

It comes in four bright colors and is made with high-impact rubber because kids are involved. It's water resistant, so it can get rained on, but won't hold up in a swimming pool.

The phone does not have a clasp. That's supposed to make it easier on kids, somewhat hassle free.

So here's how it works. Using the Filip app you can send your child text messages or call them. They can call you directly too.

I tested the Filip with Meteorologist Kelly Bates. I was surprised to find the call quality was quite good although there's no way to turn up the volume.

It also has GPS tracking. You can see where your child is and set up safe zones. You'll get an alert if your child leaves the area you secured.

There's also the emergency alert. If your child is in an emergency, they press the red button. It will send an alert to the accounts the phone is connected to.

The Filip is available at AT&T for $200 and a $10 monthly service charge.