Tech This Out: Fitbit Flex

The Fitbit Flex is wearable tech that will help you reach, or at least try and reach your fitness goals. This little gadget is capable of tracking your steps, calories, even analyzes your sleep.

Over the past few weeks I've wore the Flex while working out, sleeping, even at work.

Simply slip the flex into the wristband. You get two different sizes of band. Then put it while the band is light and comfortable, I always had a hard time getting it on. I think the clasp is a pain and often times I had to have someone help me. This is a common complaint. Once it loosened up it was better.

The Flex keeps track of your steps throughout the day and when you've reached certain milestones you get little lights that flash on the wrist band. I never paid attention to this but I suppose it's a good motivator. That way you don't always have to check in through the app.

The corresponding app shows your progress for the day. It tracks steps, the distance you've gone, calories burned the amount of minutes you've been very active, you're weight (you calculate that) the amount of water you've had (you input that) and it tracks your sleep. There's also a meal tracker and food plan option. I didn't do that part.

You don't have to have the Flex connected or synced at all times. That way your battery doesn't drain. Once you sync it, it will update. If you do keep it synced up while you're working out you can watch your progress live.

When you click on the section it will break down each category's stats. You can view progress based on daily stats, weekly, monthly, up to the course of a year.

If you forget to wear the band, as I often did during the trial, you can manually input the activity. If doesn't pick up some activity, say lifting weights, just set the time you were active, what type of activity you were doing and it will show you about how many calories you'll burn.

I was really curious how the sleep tracker worked. How did it know!? It was interesting to see my sleep patterns especially waking up so early. To track your sleep you can set it from the Fitbit, which is kind of tough, or do it directly from the app. For the most part it was accurate but not all days were spot on. I remember getting up in the middle of the night and it didn't track that. Over all I was satisfied by the sleep tracker.

The company says it's water resistant so showers are ok. I used a demo, AKA it's not mine so I don't want to break it. I didn't risk the shower but walking in the rain and washing dishes was fine.

You can find the Fitbit Flex at AT&T.

Note: The makers of{} Fitbit are apologizing to customers after many users reported skin irritation from the product Fitbit Force. Fitbit is offering refunds or replacement products for its Fitbit Force model.