Tech This Out: Gadgets for gardening and creating a masterpiece

If you're green thumb isn't so green, the Flower Power by Parrot will help you keep your plants alive.

It's pretty amazing how they apply this technology to plants!

The Flower Power has four built in sensors to monitor light, temperature, fertilizers level and soil moisture to indoor and out door plants.

The database has over 6000 plants in it.

Here's how it works. Just "plant" the device and watch the data come in by syncing it with Bluetooth low energy technology.

The Flower Power analyzes a plant every 15 minutes and send data to Parrot's Cloud database every two hours.

When you're plant needs water, fertilizer, shade or sun, you can get a notification.

The Flower Power app has a ton of plant information to help you with gardening too. I can finally grow tomatoes and beans. Well, I have a better chance of keeping them alive than before.

You can find Flower power at Verizon for about $60.

Next up-Coloring!

You'll never have to worry about dried out markers or running out of paint With Crayola's Digi Tools paint pack.

Let your artist explore their electronic canvas, AKA and iPad or Android tablet. Using a digital paint brush, air brush and roller. Start from a blank slate or color a picture. You can create your own pallet by mixing and swirling colors.

Select different brushes to get a different texture or feel. Use the roller for painted patterns, like footprints and waves. Add a little flair to your master piece with a stamp. Then share your work with everyone through email or social media.

I think its is a really fun way to keep kids entertained and engaged without making a total mess with paint. It's also good for taking on the road or on an airplane.

You can find Crayola Digitools Paint Pack for about $40 at Verizon.