Tech This Out: JBL Clip - Wireless Speaker

The JBL Clip speaker is small in size, but big in sound.

It's a rechargeable portable wireless speaker.

Measuring just a few inches wide, the Clip fits easily into the palm of your hand. It's just a little bigger than a hockey puck.

I was surprised -- the Clip is pretty light weight too. It's around the same as my Samsung Galaxy S4 with a case on.

So what sets this speaker apart from the hundreds of other wireless speakers on the market? Hint: The name.

There's a clip on the top making it easy to tote around. It clips on to your backpack or beach bag, even a pair of pants. This would be useful for bike riding, rock climbing, or any activity you don't want to carry around a speaker.

The clip is all about being portable.

Another feature, it's rechargeable. No batteries, no outlets. You'll get about five hours play or talk time.

Yes it's a speaker phone too. So while you're listening to music, you can take or make a phone call. Or just keep your phone synced up and you'll get calls straight through the speaker.

Connect with Bluetooth or use the handy auxiliary cord that wraps up around the speaker.

The clip comes in five different colors and costs just under $50.

If you purchase the Clip from JBL you can get free shipping too.