Tech This Out: Keep your New Year's resolutions

If you want to set goals, make or break habits, there are plenty of apps that can help remind you and track your progress.

Lift is app for Android and iOS phones.

It can help you on the quest to fulfill those New Years resolutions.

Once you create a profile you can join a plan.

They have the most popular options off the top like exercising more,drinking more water and saving money.

If you haven't thought of a resolution you can get some great ideas. I have to say I was confused about some of the resolutions, like taking a cold shower every day.

If you don't want to join someone else's movement you can create your own and set a plan.

Everyday you check in and track your accomplishments.

It's really an online community and support system, which is crucial for accountability and motivation. You can see what other people do to stay on top of their goal, have discussions and send props.

All of your check-ins can be exported as an Excel or Google spreadsheet too.

If you need a little more accountability or motivation, try

It's free to sign up online.

You create a 21-day challenge to make or break a habit.

There's a free version, but the fun comes in when you up the panty and invest money. Set up, bet or invest $21 in yourself-that's the committed mode.

You'll get a daily email reminder to check in-or visit the website.

Each day you succeed you get $1 back

EOF you don't follow through or if you don't check in for 3days straight you lose $1. Bummer. At least your money will go to a good cause.

The website donates your dollar to one of their 10 charities. You're pick which one.

You can pay with a credit card, But I suggest using the Pay Pal option for increased security.

There's no app for this website, but be warned you'll find another app with a similar name and but reviews aren't good for that one.