Tech This Out: Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Meet Kinsa. It's a smart thermometer. The idea behind it is to bring health into the mobile era, giving families better tools to help keep them healthy.

It's still in beta testing but I was able to get my hands on one for this review.{}

Here's how it works:

You download the free Kinsa app and it will walk you through how to connect the device.

Once you get set up plug the thermometer in directly to the headphone jack or use the extension cord. With the extension cord you can see the interface easily.

Hit take temperature and insert the thermometer just normal.

It has a fun and attractive interface. It takes about 20 seconds to get a reading. Kinsa will put you in a range from low, normal to high. Eventually Kinsa plans incorporating a gaming element to keep kids entertained while you take their temperature.

You can then log the temp and check off symptoms you may have that go along with a fever. The app gives you the option to create a family profile. You'll be able to store that information eventually be able share it with your doctor. You can access urgent care locations through the app too.

Now we'll take it to the next level. Kinsa gives you the ability to share that data. Using data from crowd sourcing and the Department of Health they'll be able to create a real time map of human health. This will help you see what's going around, in your town and schools.

The company says the idea is to help physicians better diagnose and care for patients. It gives the public an opportunity to track and hopefully stop the spread of disease.

Through the app you'll be able to sign up for private groups, for example co-workers or other parents from school. With this you can communicate about who is sick and with what.

Both of these features are still in development.

Overall I was satisfied with Kinsa. I had a lot of trouble at first setting up the connection. After some trouble shooting I closed out and re-downloaded the app and everything worked. The app did crash on me once or twice. It's still in test stages so the company is working out the bugs.