Tech This Out: Leap Frog Creativity Camera Case and App

If you have a kid they probably have developed an interest in your cell phone. If you let them play with it you're very brave. I only say that because kids can break-and spill things. Oh and their hands are messy

But when you're kid wants to take a picture how do you say no?

That's the idea behind Leap Frog's Creativity Camera Protective Case.

You pop in your iPhone or iPod Touch and let your child snap away.

There's an app that comes with the case too.

Scan the QR code and your child can go to town with fun filters like big kids do on Instagram.

Edit the pictures or make silly photos. You can put stamps on your pictures too.

Leap Frog is known for learning and this app provides educational games. Photo mission is one of them.

You open the photo book and your child has to take a picture matching the shape or make the same facial expression as the picture shown.

There's also an interactive matching game.

The case and app are designed for kids ages 3 and up.

The case is only for only for iPhone 4 series, 5 series and iPod 4th generation or newer.

The case costs just under $20 at Verizon.

If you don't have an iPhone but you like the app, you can download it for free through Leap Frog but you have to have the case to unlock the games.