Tech This Out: LG G Flex

The new LG G Flex phone

Right out of the box you'll notice the unique design of the LG G Flex phone.

It does just what it says, Flex. This phone has a curve that makes it fit to the palm of your hand. I'm sure it fits some hands better than others.

The G Flex measures just over 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide. The screen comes in at 6 inches. For me, it felt big to hold in one hand but I did like the curve.

Let's get to that Flex part. You can't twist it, but it does bend. LG says the Flex can withstand up to 88 pounds of pressure. If you press on it, the phone will flex up to 180 degrees. Ideally, this means if you sit on your phone, it can withstand it, to a certain point.

The curve actually makes it easier to see the screen by helping to reduce glare. I noticed this while testing the phone while walking with my dog. I also found the camera did well outside. It has 8X zoom. The power and volume buttons are on the back of the phone, which will take some getting used to.

The curved screen is OLED. I've never watched one of LG's TVs but they equate the viewing experience on the Flex to one of their TVs. The Flex has a 1280 by 720 pixel resolution. Not the best on the market.

The screen follows you, which is a fun feature. To wake up or lock the Flex you can just double-tap the screen.

LG says the phone has "self-healing" qualities. If the back of the phone gets lightly scratched it will fix itself. I did not test this feature because I use demo phones and I don't want to be held responsible for damage. So I can't say if this feature is as awesome as it sounds.

I can attest that the battery life is impressive. You will get a lot of juice out of LG G Flex.

The LG G Flex is available at AT&T for just under $300.