Tech This Out-LG G2

Blazing speed and a beautiful picture is what LG's G2 is all about.

With Qualcomm's lightning-quick snapdragon 800 processor gamming or watching a quality video is a breeze.

This phone is fast. You can tell images are crisp and colors are vibrant.

The 5.2-inch display takes up the whole phone which is a trend we are seeing more and more of.

I'll say the phone is medium size under 5 and 1/2 tall with a little curve to it. It makes for an unusual grip.

Most notably the home and volume buttons are on the back of the phone. It takes some getting used to. You might smudge the camera with your finger or fumble around for awhile but shouldn't be a deal breaker. I suggest testing out the phone and camera first before you say no because of one simple button.

Let's get to features, double tap the screen to wake the phone up.

There's quick remote built in, use it for almost any gadget.

You'll find all of LG's staple features include the multi-tasking function where you can overlay apps and the quick memo feature where you can jot down notes.

With the G2, you can access quick memo by sliding your finger up from the bottom edge of the screen. The camera has multi-point auto focus along with some really fun filters.

The device's Answer Me function automatically lowers the ringer volume of an incoming call if it senses the handset is being picked up. I liked that feature a lot.

The handset includes 2GB of ram, 32GB of internal storage but no expandable memory. Like almost all androids and Windows phones, its NFC capable.

Online reviews show a long battery life.

One annoying problem is the back of the phone is prone to smudging. If you get a case, you won't have to worry about that.

The G2 normally goes for under $200 at Verizon but look for special holiday pricing.