Tech This Out-Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia has a line of Windows phones that will impress you. You might think, Windows? Nokia? No way. That's simply not the case anymore. These phones are really hot.

Especially the cameras.

I'm reviewing the Lumia 925.

Its sleek and slim partially aluminum build with Gorilla Glass to help keep it from scratching. It's kind of stocky with wider dimensions -- 5.1 inches tall by 2.8 inches wide.

It has a 4.5 inch screen with a decent pixel resolution.

Let's talk basics. Charging port, headphone port and sim card slot are located at the top. There's a camera button on the side which I like because you can access the camera directly.


You'll notice the bright colors on the screen, thanks to The AMOLED technology. The colors are supposed to pop against the black background. Mission accomplished.

A fun Lumia feature, you can customize the tiles and change the color. Everything will be accented with the color you chose.

You also customize the apps or tiles on the home screen. It's all about making the phone your own.

I liked Local Scout app. It will help you navigate the town. It's easy to find food, shopping and events. You don't have to download a thing.

With Family Room, you create a group with friends or family. Then you share notes, your calendar and photos. Even group chat.

Now to the camera

The 925 Has an 8.7-megapixel camera with a 4X zoom and two LED flashes. The LED flashes are great for low lighting pictures. That is the real seller on this camera.

Even in very dark rooms with uneven lighting, the Lumia 925 takes better pictures than Androids and iPhones.

You can edit pictures on the phone as well. You know, crop out photo bombers.

Other features include NFC capability and free storage with Microsoft.

Some cool notes, if you buy one of the Lumia phones you can get a $20 Windows phone store voucher.

You can find the Lumia 925 at AT&T for right around $100.