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      Tech This Out: Ollo lens clip

      This little contraption will help turn you into a master photographer. With the Ollo clip you can take your cell phone pictures to the next level.

      The 4-1 Lens system for the iPhone is small and easy to carry around. The four different lens connect fairly easy too. The barrels are made from aircraft grade aluminum, while the lenses use precision ground coated glass multi-element optics. So they're pretty durable.

      You'll get the Fisheye lens that takes beautiful pictures like these. It'll give you a 180 degree field of vision with a fun distortion.

      You'll get a wide angle lens that gives you that wide field of view with no distortion.

      Then you'll get 2 Macro lenses. The Macro lenses 10X and 15 X are extremely impressive the quality provides impeccable detail almost like a mini microscope for your phone but the 15 X is almost a little too close.

      The Olloclip will work with any application like Instagram; but only for the rear facing camera on the iPhone 4 and 5 generations models

      The Ollo Clip 4-1 Lens is available at AT& T for $70.