Tech This Out: Pandora tips

Whether you are sitting at your desk, in your car or playing with your tablet, you have likely used some type of music streaming service.

We all get sick of the radio or our iTunes once in a while.

One of the most popular music streaming sites out there is Pandora.

Sometimes the song choices just do not match what you are looking for. But never fear. Help is on the way! (Sorry I can't do anything about the ads)

When using Pandora, do it the right way.

Instead of creating a station based on an artist or genre, base it on a favorite song you have. It will bring you narrower, more enjoyable results.

If you keep getting that pesky repeated song, hover over the album artwork and an arrow will pop up between the thumb icons. Click on it. From there, a menu will pop up on the screen. Click on "I'm tired of this track" and Pandora will give you a break from that song.

Here is a big one.

Only use the "Thumbs Up" for your absolute FAVORITE tracks.

The "Thumbs Up" introduces new types of music that you might not like.

On the opposite side, don't use the "Thumbs Down" button unless you abhor an artist. If you give an artist two thumbs down, the artist will disappear from your playlists forever.

The best option is to skip the song. That way if you are just sick of an artist or one song, it won't play again for a month.