Tech This Out: Pebble Smart Watch

Smart watches are hot gifts this year and there is a ton of buzz around the Pebble. It started on Kickstarter as an independent project.

Pebble was backed by over 85,000 people on Kickstarter and they set a record for fundraising, around 10 million. It goes to show you there is a lot of interest in this kind of product.

So let's take a look.

This is a gift for someone who wants to look cool, stylish and really can't live without knowing what's going on at all times.

Here's how it works, Pebble connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It works with Android and Apple phones. No luck for Windows phones yet.

You can receive text messages, emails and Facebook alerts right to your watch. You'll feel a vibration or a buzz, like a pager on your wrist.

To read the message, you scroll down using the push buttons. It's not a touch screen. You can read the messages but not respond.

When you have an incoming call, caller ID info appears on the watch face. Now I've seen that you can answer the phone calls, but I haven't been able to do it. I'm not sure if it's a setting I messed up on my phone or if it just didn't work. Sometimes the caller ID didn't pop up either. I've read this in other reviews too.

There are definitely bugs that need to be worked out.

The watch doesn't have a microphone or speaker, but you can use it to control the music on your phone.

As far as the watch goes, it holds up to eight faces at a time. It's water resistant and it comes in multiple colors with interchangeable bands.

Right now there are limited apps on the market which is turnoff. But the smart watch has a lot of potential and apps are developing quickly.

If you are into gadgets check out some other reviews I've listed from well known tech sites Mashable and CNET.

You can find the Pebble for $150.