Tech This Out: Portable Chargers

Small but mighty is the theme with portable charging devices. You don't want to be THAT guy carrying around a charger looking for a place to plug in your phone.

I know.{}I've been there.

Here are three different takes on portable charging devices that make great stocking stuffers this year.

One is the Magic Stick by Powerocks. It fits in the palm of your hand. Its easy to carry in a purse or pocket and it weighs about the same as your cell phone. They come in fun colors and patterns. The Super Magic Stick packs 2800 milliamps Which can give most smart phones 2 full charges. Simply charge the Magicstick with a USB and you're off.

Depending how many milliamps and where you buy it Magic Stick can cost anywhere from $25-$50.

If Magic Stick doesn't suit you, Powerocks has a ton of external chargers.

While these come in a ton of colors- we'll move to the less fashionable but very handy Life Link.

At first glance, you wouldn't be impressed by this techy looking "thing". Once you figure out the Life Link. You'll be impressed. This links up two devices so you can charge a phone, iPod,tablet whatever you need. Forget the long charging cords.

One end is the USB the other end comes in 3 types. Micro USB and both Apple chargers, Lightning and 30 pin

The Life Link super thin and only the size of a credit card so it fits on your wallet.

The Teflon build makes it flexible for hard to reach or awkward charging connections that a regular USB cord couldn't reach.

You can transfer data and sync devices with LifeLink too. Basically it's a supped up USB cable.

These cost $24 online but you can find them at discounted rates.

Part of those proceeds will go to charity.

It's not seen in this video but I've reviewed MyCharge before. It's bulkier, but still the size of your hand. The good thing about MyCharge is that you can fill it up and plug in a few devices at a time. I used it to charge my personal and work phone during last year's blizzard when the power was out.

It has a bruit in USB cable and wall prongs for recharging. There's a micro-USB cable and 30-pin Apple connector too. For all of the iPhone 5ers,use micro-USB. MyCharge says it can also handle a tablet but I haven't tried that.

Depending on where you buy MyCharge it can cost anywhere from $70-$90.