Tech This Out: Protecting gadgets in cold weather

If you're freezing, your cell phone is too. The dangerously low temperatures impact technology just like our bodies.

Last thing you need is a busted phone,especially if you're stuck in the cold.

Cold weather can kill your phone and other gadgets in a few ways.

It will drain your battery quickly. The cold can make devices shut down too. As they get smarter,they work harder to protect themselves. Which is, essentially, a good thing.

Screens can crack easily if you drop them and your picture can be permanently damaged.

Phones, tablets, laptops even TV screens can have problems in extreme temperatures.

You could see slow downs on LCD displays and that's because the liquid crystal is semi-solid and it doesn't freeze the way water does. So you might see bubbles, a dimmer screen, a slow responding screen or it might stay black.

The cold can impact LED and Plasma screens. If you have a TV in a room that's un-insulated or you don't heat that room,say a TV in your garage, keep it protected with a blanket or towel. Make sure to warm the room up, and allow your TV to warm up before turning it on.

Over all, if ANY of gear sits in the cold for too long, make possibly in the car, be sure to let it warm up to room temperature before turning it back on.

For laptops, you have the screen AND the hard drive to worry about. Let laptops warm up before turning them on. Otherwise the drive can crash-taking your data with it.

Now to some side notes.

Have a car charger to help with battery life. You can find ones that have addition USB ports to charge multiple devices. If your phone gets too cold it might not respond to the car charger, So before you think its toast, take it inside to charge.

It can't hurt to have an external battery for back up.

Every device has different operational standards and recommendations. Check with the company to see what temperature range they have to play it safe.