Tech This Out: Protective Gadget Gear

When you get a fancy new phone or tablet the last thing you want to do is scratch it or drop it. A big chunk out of your phone or crack in the screen is not fun.


Let me tell you, a nice holiday (or anytime gift) is the sense of security and case for your gadgets.

One idea is any type of Otterbox. They are a bit bulky but they will protect your gadgets. Any type too. Today we'll look at the Otterbox Defender Series. These two are for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Otterbox makes cases for all smart phones. Yes you too Windows and Blackberry users.

Defenders do what they say, protect your gear from the elements. Drops, dust,debris and scratches. They have three layers of protection and a built in screen protector so you don't have to buy that separately. I'll warn you they are pretty indestructible, therefore; they are hard difficult to take apart.

This line is not waterproof but you can find waterproof cases out there.

Prices varies on model and you can find Otterboxes online or at major retailers like AT&T.

If you get a new tablet you'll want to carry it in style-while keeping it safe.

Check out the Half pack RT by Urban Explorer. Its a mix between a messenger bag,laptop bag and a back. The idea is for you to transition easily from business world to weekend travel.

Bring gadgets on the road without worrying about them getting ruined.

The pack is made of nylon which is weatherproof, tear and stain resistant.

It has a ton of heavily padded pockets for protection.

There are options for straps and hooks if you're back packing and want to hook extra storage on.

You can find a variety of Urban Explorer products on their website ranging in price from $50-$200.

If you share your "Urban Xplorer" adventure story on their website/blog you can get a discount on purchases.

I've included the link. No more worries about getting rugged with your tech! Happy travels!