Tech This Out: Samsung's Galaxy Note 3

Is bigger really better?

It depends on what you are looking for. If you want fast, fierce, clear and productive then yes. As long as you don't mind a bigger phone. Turns out third time's a charm for Samsung's Galaxy Note. The Note 3 is a massive phone, or Phone-Tablet hybrid if you prefer.

Obviously, the bigger size means a bigger screen. It has a 5.7 inch full HD screen and its thinner than its predecessors.

The images on the Note 3 will knock you down with videos that come across crystal clear on the sharp 385ppi screen. We are talking WOW factor.

Surprisingly this big phone has a big battery life. CNET does all kinds of fancy tests and the Note 3 held up a lengthy 15 hours.

One unique feature I haven't seen before, the bottom has a Micro-USB connector and a USB 3.0 jack.

The Note 3 has a ton of features revolving around the upgraded S Pen. I actually enjoyed using the stylus, and I never thought I would.

You can select articles, videos, really any cool things you see online and put them in a scrapbook or send links in an email or put events in a calendar.

Need to jot down a phone number? Use Action Memo. You can call the number from the notepad or email it, save it in your contacts, even text it to someone else.

Right now, mixed reviews on the faux leather back.

Wrapping up the Note 3 is big, bold and fast.

If you do a lot of work or business on your phone or on the go, it would be a great option.

You can find it at AT&T for just under $300.