Tech This Out: Statement Tablet and Phone Cases

Make a statement with your phone or tablet and stand out with some hot accessories. It's not a bad if make your gadget more useful either.

Bright bold colors are in style, yes even in the winter. This bright pink sparkly crystal slider phone case by Incase will make any girl happy.

The bottom slides off so you can dock it onto a speaker. Phone cases are great stocking stuffers. There are a ton of holiday cases out there too, one even lights up when your phone rings! That's made by VanD.

Tablets and E-readers are forever popular so you'll want to protect them with a case or cover. Check out this bright one by Belkin. It's a classic magnetic tab cover to keep your small tablet secure like a book.

You can find these the Incase slider phone case and Belkin cover at Staples.

If you want to take your Tablet case to another level, try the Zagg Folio. It's a functional accessory.

The Folio protects your tablet AND has a removable Bluetooth keyboard. No more hunting and pecking on your tablet!

Zagg makes Folios for multiple tablets and phones too.

If the faux snake skin isn't your style no worries they have multiple patterns and colors. The key board is thin but tactile. It's small and easy to carry but has a good amount of typing room. The company claims a full charge can last up to 3 months.

You can find Zagg Folios online and at retail stores like AT&T. Price depends on the model. They usually between $70-$100.