Tech This Out: The new BlackBerry Z10

The BlackBerry Z10 is sleek.

It is much different from current Androids and iPhones, so if you are interested in making the switch it's going to some getting used to.

There are some really cool features, so I'll tell you my favorites.

First, there is no home screen, which is confusing at first. But you do have the BlackBerry Hub. This is so you can pull up a split-screen and check emails or text messages while you are using an app or another feature. You don't have to close out of what you're doing. The BlackBerry Hub allows you to peek at your inbox from any app without having to stop what you're doing.

The smart keyboard gives you suggestions based on your typing habits. Flick up to select the word.

The Z10 has NFC, or near field communication.

My favorite feature is the Time Shift mode camera. Using the Time Shift mode lets you take a picture using an ultra-short video. No more redos. If someone's eyes are closed, it lets you select different areas in the same photo so you choose the most flattering look for everyone, creating the perfect picture.

The BlackBerry Z10 is available at AT&T for $199.99.