Tech This Out: Track Santa with NORAD and Talking Santa App

Kids and adults can have a blast tracking the big guy himself on Christmas Eve using NORAD's Santa tracker.

Microsoft is partnering with the North American Aerospace Defense Command, which has tracked Santa for more than 50 years.

A 3D globe will let you pinch and zoom to track St. Nick's whereabouts in real time.

This year's site has a lot more features than in year's past. Check out the secret Santa file and see how exactly they track Santa. They use Radar, Satellites even Santa Cams! (That's way more exciting than the RIDOT cams I look at.)

You'll find games, educational information and Santa's playlist with all of his favorite Christmas tunes on the website as well.

I like the library where you can find holiday traditions from around the world.

A silly app for the young at heart is Talking Santa. He'll repeat anything you say.

Give him milk and cookies, and send Christmas cards to your friends. Even smack him around a little! Although, if you don't want your kids to do that, or have Santa repeat rude things, you can put the "kids mode" on.

Talking Santa is free, but you will have to deal with a few adds. Its free for Android and Apple phones.

Have safe and happy holidays.