Teen charged in Attleboro attack to remain in custody

An Attleboro teenager who is accused of trying to kill his neighbor three times will remain in custody following a dangerousness hearing on Tuesday.

A Fall River Juvenile Court judge said 15-year-old Brandon Bonin was a danger to the public and ordered the teen held for at least 90 days. He's scheduled to appear in court again in April.

Bonin is accused of terrorizing 63-year-old Paula McMurrough on March 6.

Police said Bonin broken into her Attleboro home, assaulted and stabbed her, then dragged her into her own car and drove off.

"She had swelling, redness and bruising of her left cheek and jaw line. She had what appeared to be a footprint on the side of her face. She had stab wounds to the left side of her body," said Detective Alex Aponte of the Attleboro Police Department.

Police said Bonin took McMurrough to a nearby pond and threw her in the water in an attempt to drown her.

"She had indicated that she turned and said to him, 'Tell my kids that I love them', at which time he indicated to her, 'I can't do this', and walked into the water and escorted her out of the water," Aponte said.

McMurrough was able to drive herself to Rhode Island Hospital. According to her family, she's still recovering from her injuries.

Despite an argument by Bonin's attorney that he be released into the custody of his aunt, who he was living with at the time of the alleged attack, the judge said the teenager was a danger to the public.