Providence teen shot through window dies

A Providence teenager was shot and killed Tuesday night after a bullet went through a kitchen window at a house on Colfax Street.

Police said the victim's name was 17-year-old George Holland.

According to police, two men were seen running from the house after the shooting.

"I looked out the window, saw about 8 to 10 (police officers) down there with the rescues," said Claude Jefferies of Providence.

Neighbors said they weren't surprised to learn another teen was killed.

"There's been quite a few shootings," Jefferies said.

Neighbors said the culture of violence in South Providence is strong, so strong that someone created an anti-youth violence mural.

"Young kids, they just do what they want to do," Jefferies said.

"All these people who do gangs and drugs and stuff, they don't care. They're out for themselves," said Danny Rivera of Providence.

Neighbors fear that no matter how brightly or boldly you put it, troubled teens in Providence aren't seeing the writing on the wall.

The boy's death marks the third homicide of the year in Providence.

Police wouldn't comment on a motive or any suspects.