Teens charged in larceny, vandalism cases in Cranston

Cranston Police Dept.

Police arrest four teenagers after a series of thefts from local cars and vandalism at Cranston High School West.

Earlier Thursday morning, officers arrested Kevin Wulff, Paul Hallam Jr. and Jason Brissette, all 18.

A 16 year old was also arrested.

Cranston Police tell NBC 10 the teens are charged in connection with larcenies from 25 to 30 cars in the areas of Phenix Avenue, Preston Avenue, Wayland Avenue, West Hill Drive, Grape Street, Scotland Road and Midland Drive.

"Investigators recovered two laptop units, two pairs of sunglasses, a pair of shoes, acamera, six GPS units, a car stereo face, assorted bottles of liquor, baseball caps,flashlights, and $350.00 in cash and coin. The estimated value of all the propertycombined to this point is approximately $5,000," said Major Robert W. Ryan,Public Information Officer.

Police are also investigating a possible connection to a break-in at a home on Preston Avenue.

Two of the teen are accused of painting vulgarities and other messages on areas of the athletic complex at Cranston High School West.

"Two of them admitted that they were also responsible for the vandalisms at Cranston High School West. Therefore, Jason Brissette and Paul Hallam face the additional charges of vandalism," said Ryan.