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      Teens turn to crowdfunding in quest for skate park

      A group of teens has begun making and selling bars of skateboard wax in an effort to raise money for a proposed skate park in Woonsocket.

      The avid skateboarders tell the Woonsocket Call they started the project, Frosty Builds Skateparks, after two of them took a youth entrepreneurship class at the MET School.

      That program helped the kids obtain the rubber molds for their project.

      They are selling skateboard wax for $10 at the Craft sports shop in Woonsocket and on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding website. Under the site's terms, they need to raise $100,000 in the next three weeks or the money will be refunded to contributors.

      Fifteen-year-old Aaron Williams says they need a place to skate and decided this was a good way to help make it happen.