Tenant claims she's being evicted after complaining about mold

Rachel Weicz-Smith is not happy about her living conditions.

Smith, a mother of two, lives in a two-bedroom apartment at 151 Ocean Road, across from the water in Narragansett.

"My apartment where I reside with my two children is infested with mold," she said. "I brought it to the attention of my landlord after scrubbing it for five hours. It was a moldy mess like I've never seen in my whole life."

Smith said her landlord gave her a dehumidifier. She said it hasn't helped much and that whatever mold she got rid of comes back.

Smith told NBC 10 she brought in someone who she said was a mold specialist.

Peter Martone, who has been in the mold business for 15 years, said he's been measuring the moisture level in all of the walls in Smith's apartment. He said Smith definitely has a mold problem.

"Without a doubt," Martone said.

Smith received a letter dated July 31 after she complained to her landlord about the mold. The letter asks Smith to "vacate" the building by the end of the August.

When NBC 10 contacted the landlord, he had no comment. A message left for the landlord's attorney was not returned.

Smith said she's had it, and can't get any help.

"I want a reasonable amount of time to get out of here and I don't feel safe here with my kids and that's not been addressed," she said. "And on top of that, it's shocking to see that Rhode Island doesn't have anything in place to protect tenants."

NBC 10 checked and it appears Smith has some rights according to the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, but she says she can't afford to hire an attorney to bring her landlord to court.