The Station fire: Where are they now?

Dan Biechele

Many of the people covered by the media in the days following The Station nightclub tragedy have moved on. But they will forever be associated with that dark day.

Dan Biechele was Great White's manager and lit the pyrotechnics that spread through the club on Feb. 20, 2003.

"I know how this tragedy has devastated me. But I can only begin to understand what the people who lost loved ones have endured," Biechele said at his sentencing in 2006 for involuntary manslaughter.

Biechele served less than half of a four-year sentence. He left the music business and now works as a comptroller, living in Florida with his wife and two children.

Great White lead singer Jack Russell didn't know the horrific outcome when he spoke to NBC 10 that night -- or that his guitarist, Ty Longley, was one of the victims.

Great White eventually went their separate ways. Russell is still touring.

No town officials were indicted in the fire, but many pointed a finger at West Warwick fire inspector Denis Larocque.

"Rocky," as he's known, inspected the club in the months leading up to the fire. He never cited its owners for the soundproofing foam, which accelerated the flames. Larocque retired in 2008 and still lives in West Warwick.

Club owners Jeff Derderian and Michael Derderian started The Station Education Fund to help the children of those who lost parents 10 years ago with college scholarships.

Once a news reporter, Jeff is now writing about the media on the website

Former state Attorney General Patrick Lynch is in Brazil this week working with investigators on a recent night club fire there. Pyrotechnics ignited a fire that killed 239 people.