Thieves rob pet store, smashing tanks, killing fish

Vandals smashed two fish tanks and destroyed 20 years of Bob Schenck's hard work Wednesday night.

"It's disheartening that's for sure," Schenck said Friday. He's working with police to find the man he caught on security camera breaking into his store. Schenck owns Animal Instincts Aquarium and Pet Center in Fall River. "If someone came in here and did this to puppies and kittens, the whole country would be upset, it's unfortunate we don't all feel the same way about all life," Schenck said. He's outraged at the loss of dozens of animals, some that had been with the store for decades.

Unfortunately this type of crime is something Fall River has become familiar with. Bob's brother Donald Schenck owns Modern Printing Company across the street. His store was broken into back in December, police have yet to track down the suspect. The Schenck's say they think this series of break-ins were done by the same person. "It's been pretty bad for the past six months anyways," Donald Schenck said. The Flat Iron Liquor Store down the street has been broken into three times in the past two weeks.

While most animals died in the break-in, one fish survived, her name is Big Blue. Big Blue has been a fixture in the store for 17 years. Kids know her as the look alike to Dori in the Pixar move Finding Nemo.

Schenck is offering a $500 reward to anyone with more information on the robber.