Three centenarian sisters reunite in Rhode Island

Three centenarian sisters recently reunited in Rhode Island.

Rubye, Ruthie and Rosie, who grew up in Oklahoma, are now all over 100. A fourth sister, Frances, died young at 78.

"Here we are. You're 110 years old, Rosie's 102, and I'm 104, almost 105," Ruth told her sister, Rubye.

The reunion was held in Bristol last week and organized by Wish of a Lifetime, a nonprofit started five years ago by two-time Olympic skier and former NFL player Jeremy Bloom.

"When I heard about this wish -- I live in San Francisco -- I said, 'I will be there no matter what.' I couldn't miss meeting these three beautiful women who are -- you are all heroes to me and our society. And I hope that's one of your cellphones ringing, because that would be really cool," Bloom said.

Rosie made the wish for all the girls to get together -- she traveled up from Sarasota, Ruthie from Tulsa -- that was granted free-of-charge by the organization. The sisters were joined by extended family and friends.

"We were always close. And if you needed something done, why they did it," Rosie said.

Bloom, in his travels, noted how other cultures go above and beyond to revere and celebrate the elderly.

"To cherish the oldest generation in our society and just remind everybody how important they are to our history and to our lives," Bloom said.

"I never thought I'd see my sisters again. Anyway, it's been a wonderful life," Ruth said.